State Strategic Plans

Review sample strategic plans from ECEP states to inform your own strategic planning process.


The Alabama Computer Science Report Strategic Plan Summary, released in 2019, was a foundational document in the CSforAlabama timeline.


Labeled as a working document, the Arkansas Computer Science Strategic Plan allows the state to pivot as the state grows their CS vision.


An early leader in the expansion of CS education, California has multiple resources that outline their strategic direction. See the Strategic Guidance section on the California Department of Education website.


Utilizing the Computer Science Planning Toolkit developed by and edited by ECEP, Connecticut’s strategic plan serves as a dynamic guide for their CS advocacy efforts.


Blending a landscape report and a state plan, the Georgia Computer Science Landscape Picture and State Plan is a great model for creating a plan that is multifaceted.


Indiana’s plan led to the state approving all 9 state policy recommendations. While simple, the plan helped serve as a coordination tool that led to big change in the state.


Maryland’s 2016 plan launched the Maryland Center for Computing Education. While there have been more recent iterations that you can see here, it is their 2016 report that made their current impacts possible.


Mississippi’s state plan, one of the newest plans in the nation, models the strength of a multi-tier collaboration between teachers, higher education, industry, and the state department of education.


Nevada’s Computer Science Education Strategic Plan 2017 - 2022 centers the value of CS education K-12. This plan is positioned in a larger statewide commitment to STEM education, ensuring that Nevada students are prepared for the future.


This comprehensive strategic plan includes data, highlights the importance of a common definition of computer science education, and lays out pathways in K-12 with an eye towards careers and a thriving state economy.

Rhode Island

While quite different from other state plans, the district implementation plans shared on the CSforRI site show the value in coordinating state efforts from the district up.

South Carolina

South Carolina’s 2018 plan continues to support advances in CS education in the state. Read their recommendations section, which model accountability as well as action.


The Utah Computer Science Education Master Plan is a good example of how to bring years of work together in a comprehensive report. The report identifies 6 focus areas that are informed by data. The report highlights diversity and key issues to be addressed in order to achieve equity in CS ed.