ECEP "Summit Season" in Full Effect this Fall

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    The Power of State Summits in Advancing Computing Education

    “Convenings like this are a great way for states to come together, look at the expertise that they have on the ground and also invite new experts into this work so that it’s sustainable and you’re really making sure that you’ve got high quality computer science education with all of the resources that are required to build more diverse pathways.”

    — Sarah Dunton, Director of ECEP

    As many of us are hunkering down for winter, ECEP Summit season is in full blaze. In November and December this year, states like North Carolina, Florida, Hawaiʻi, Illinois, Oregon, and Pennsylvania hosted computer science (CS) education summits. What are State CS Summits? These are launchpad convenings organized by state education policymakers, educators, and advocates passionate about advancing computer science education for the students in their states. Hosting a State CS Summit is a pivotal step in the ECEP How to Change a State Model, as they help to gather and catalyze allies, promote equity and democratize change efforts by giving voice to all stakeholders in a collaborative and action-oriented environment. Furthermore, summits are key in ensuring strategic plans and decision making for the state are made by individuals deeply familiar with their own contexts. This is essential for shaping equitable education policies, curriculum, and standards for more effective and contextually relevant reform.

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    Fired Up, Ready to Go: 2023 Summits at a Glimpse

    North Carolina ECEP Summit
    Hosted November 9th, 2023

    Illinois ECEP Summit 
    Hosed November 15, 2023

    Florida State Summit 
    Hosted November 14, 2023

    Hawaii State Summit 
    Hosted November 15, 2023

    Leveraging ECEP Resources in State Summit Planning

    Many of ECEP resources are available to all, regardless of ECEP membership. This includes services like customized coaching calls and access to ECEP’s toolkits. To guide teams in convening their network for collective impact, ECEP offers the following key resources:

    • Comprehensive State Summit Toolkit - This toolkit distills insights from ECEP's years of summit experience, offering valuable lessons for defining purpose, creating structure, planning logistics, and engaging in post-summit follow-up. Complemented by practical resources from NCWIT, it communicates the importance of BPC efforts and provides strategies for change leaders.

    • Past Agendas - These are a collection of sample agendas and other resources from many state-led computer science summits previously hosted. Agendas available for download.

    “Guided by the expertise of ECEP staff, this summit aligned with their proven model for states convening to expand access to computing education and foster broader participation in the field.”

    — Florida State Summit 2023

    Hosting state summits is not merely a ceremonial affair; it's a dynamic process that catalyzes change, empowers stakeholders, and propels the journey towards equitable and accessible computing education. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education, these summits stand a launchpad for states to design and take action to advance equitable policy, pathways, and practices in computer science education.

    Check out our site to learn more about our state teams and resources.