ECEP New Positions

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    We wanted to go big for the 2022 Computer Science Education Week. In 2022, ECEP turned 10! With 10 years of experience in building state-level capacity to address the lack of diversity in K-16 computer science and computing pathways, we are building towards the future of computer science education. In order to meet the needs of states working to address systemic barriers, the Expanding Computing Education Pathways (ECEP) Alliance is hiring!

    As a collective impact project, the collaborative work of the entire Alliance is supported by what is commonly known as the backbone. The backbone team works to meet the needs of the Alliance members by coordinating the work and ensuring that the work is aligned with ECEP’s core mission, vision, and values. As more states seek access to ECEP’s resources, and ECEP’s current state teams are embarking on more refined policy and implementation efforts, we are adding two new positions to our backbone team.

    The ECEP Alliance Deputy Director will assist state teams in building K-14 pathways, policies, and practices that are centered on equity. This position serves on the senior leadership team and will allow ECEP to provide a greater level of 1:1 support to current state teams, while helping to onboard 7 news states to the Alliance in early 2023.

    The Public Relations and Marketing position will amplify ECEP’s work, expanding the reach of our backbone team of researchers and practitioners, as well as the work of all of the ECEP teams that are doing the foundational work of systems change. From early research findings to new research-based guides that all states can access, we have a lot of tools to share with anyone working in equity focused K-16 and this position will assist in bringing awareness to the efforts of the ECEP Alliance.

    The positions will be hired by the University of Texas Austin, ECEP’s parent organization. Learn more about these positions at these links: