ECEP Leader(s)

ECEP Members(s)

  • Dan Blier, Computer Science Curriculum Specialist, Plano, TX ISD, CSTA President, CSTA Board Member 
  • Paula Harris, Director, Schlumberger 
  • Hal Speed, Chief of Global Engagement, micro:bit 

CS Education Organization(s)

CSTA Chapter(s)

CS Ed Landscape Report(s)

Key ECEP-Supported Activities

  • CS4TX Statewide Meeting, partially funded through a mini-grant from ECEP, was held on Oct. 19, 2016 
  • Organized a statewide meeting of stakeholders and leaders in CS education in Houston in October 2015 
  • Professional Development for teachers in rural, high-need districts (ECEP mini-grant, Round 2, 2015)

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