South Carolina

ECEP State Leadership

  • Jennifer Albert, Director, The STEM Center at The Citadel
  • Rosemary Bianchi, Computer Science Educator and Consultant
  • Angel Malone, Director, Office of Career and Technology, South Carolina Department of Education
  • David Mathis, Deputy Superintendent, Division of College and Career Readiness, South Carolina Department of Education

CS Education Landscape Reports

Other CS Education Resources 

CS Education Organizations

ECEP-Supported Activities

  • Established a South Carolina Computing Education Steering Committee, developing bylaws and goals (Feb. – Sept. 2015, ECEP minigrant)
  • Creating a CS for SC Landscape Report on the current state of computing education (April – Sept. 2015, ECEP minigrant)
  • Organized 2-day Computing Education in South Carolina Summit
  • Collaborated with IT-oLogy, a multi-state initiative to grow the IT talent pipeline
  • Trained teacher-leaders to provide professional development in Exploring Computer Science (ECS)