Landscape Report Toolkit

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Computer science education landscape reports are a foundational tool in ECEP’s 5-Stage Model for state change. Landscape reports help any stakeholder committed to computer science education advocacy and policy reform to understand the state of computer science education at a state level. Observing the impact created when state teams develop a landscape report, the ECEP Alliance published the Landscape Report Toolkit.

This toolkit will help your CS education advocacy group:

  • advance state level Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) strategies which lead to sustainable changes;
  • highlight data that grounds BPC strategy and leads to action;
  • center the role of data in equity-explicit CS education advocacy and policy efforts.

Written as a toolkit, complete with process notes, guiding questions, and templates, this publication is designed to get your state team started on researching and writing your own landscape report.

Click here to download a PDF of the toolkit.

If your state team is considering writing a report, or if you have an existing report that you’d like to update or do a better job at disseminating, please reach out to us. We are offering coaching to both ECEP and non-ECEP states.