Counting CS as a math or science

Several states count at least one computing course as a math or science course for high school graduation. As of August 2014, 25 states and the District of Columbia count AP CS A as a math or science. For more details see the notes for each state below.

A quick run-down from is available. And in more detail, this document has a list of states that count computing as a credit for high school graduation, as well as nine other policies.

Read also, blog post on counting CS as a foreign language.

For an opinion about whether CS should count for a math or science (or something else), read Mark Guzdial's blog post.

Suggested action items: Use the projected job openings that can be filled by a person with a computing background from NCWIT.  And the stats from You can also check out the AP CS A data by state over several years and the detailed data by gender and race. compiles a list of computer science quotes from industry leaders and trendsetters.

Updated report from the Education Commission of the States (ECS): Computer Science in High School Graduation, Sept. 2016

States where Computer Science satisfies HS Graduation Requirement
State  Math  Science Notes
Arkansas X X  
Alabama X   AP CS A  and or CSP count as math as of 12/12/2013. Contact Jeff Gray for details
Arizona X   legislation signed 4/22/14
California X   AB 1764 allows school districts to award students credit for math with computing as a math credit, but not computer science with math
Connecticut     Chinma Uche and Eric Lozaw have put together a petition to get CS to count as a science or math
District of Columbia X   (AP CS A)
Florida X X Article: Florida is encouraging high school students to take computer science classes. Contact: Maria Charters and Jan Yates
Georgia   X Science for HS graduation; math or science for entry in GA colleges and universities (AP CS A). Article: Why doe CS count toward high school graduation on GA? Contact: Barbara Ericson
Idaho X X  
Illinois X    
Indiana X    
Kentucky X   From "Local control state that added a public FAQ explicitly listing CS as able to count as a mathematics credit"
Maryland X   12/16/13 - state board emergency regs
Massachusetts   X Contact Rick Adrion to get AP CS A and CSP to count as science and computing in 8th grade as required course‎
Michigan X    
Minnesota X X Contact Jennifer Rosato to get CS to count as science
New Jersey X X  
New York X   Math or science
North Carolina X    
Ohio X    
Oklahoma X    
Oregon X    
Rhode Island X X Math or science
South Carolina X X Contact: Duncan Buel to get AP CS A to count as math/science for HS graduation or math for entry into SC colleges and universities
Tennessee X    
Texas X    
Utah X X Math or science (see chart)
Vermont X    
Virginia X X Math or science
Washington X X Math or science (AP CS A)
West Virginia X    
Wisconsin X