PD Workshop Examples

Computational Crafting

The aim of this workshop, held at Georgia tech, was to equip participants with a hands-on experience of building electronic devices with the Arduino board, sensors, LED, servos, and craft supplies. While the desire for creating a Maker Space exists, teachers need a safe place to experience the Arduino system in order to evaluate its potential use for the classroom. The PD workshop used the Sparkfun Inventor's kit with supplemental supplies and the free Arduino and processing.

MIT App Inventor Workshop for High School Teachers

CS4HS, a Google funding program, is part of an annual grant program promoting computer science education worldwide by connecting educators to the skills and resources they need to teach computer science & computational thinking concepts in fun and relevant ways.

After completing this workshop teachers will be able to: 

  • Set up a computer and phone for App Inventor
  • Create apps that use GUI elements such as buttons, labels, image sprites, and timers
  • Create apps that use the accelerometer and camera
  • Create apps that use lists
  • Know where to go for more tutorials and resources
  • Know how to borrow phones from Georgia Tech's Lending Library

AP CS Labs

A hands-on workshop exploring the three AP CS A labs: Magpie, Picture, and Elevens. Participants were provided with an example course pacing that includes the lab requirement. The workshop focused on practical ways to incorporate these labs as well as suggestions as to how and when to implement them. Teachers were given time to work through parts of the labs for themselves and ask questions.