New Hampshire

ECEP Leadership

  • Mihaela Sabin, Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of New Hampshire
  • Rosabel Deloge, Educational Consultant, CS4NH
  • Melissa White, Science and STEM Specialist, New Hampshire Department of Education
  • Anne Wallace, Mathematics Education Consultant, New Hampshire Department of Education
  • Joelle Henry, Computer Science Teacher, Salem High School

CSTA Chapter(s)

ECEP and the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) have a long history of collaboration at the state and national level. CSTA Chapter leaders and members are well represented on ECEP state teams, ensuring that teachers' voices are guiding our broadening participation in computing efforts. Find all state CSTA chapters and their websites at this link: (tip: use the two-letter state abbreviation to search within a state).

CS Ed Landscape Report(s)

Key ECEP-Supported Activities

  • Summit in New Hampshire North Country, an area that is often under-resourced and disconnected from educational initiatives in the state (ECEP mini-grant, Round 5, 2016)
  • Creating a New Hampshire Computing Education Landscape Report (ECEP mini-grant, Round 3, 2015)

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