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ECEP supports facilitating state-level systemic change to improve the quality of computing education, broaden participation in computing, and increase the number of students in the pathway to computing and computing-intensive degrees.  Some ways we help faclitate these changes in states include:

  • Establishing a cohort of computing education leaders.
  • Supporting statewide coordination and activities.
  • Advising and collaborating to develop strategies for statewide change.
  • Seeding new, financially sustainable summer computing camps by offering mini-grants and workshops.
  • Training local educators to lead workshops for K-12 teachers on integrating computer science concepts into their classrooms—using the train the trainers model.
  • Creating Artbotics using LEGO robotics and helping educators use creativity to engage students in computing.
  • Identifying experts in various areas of computing education, broadening participation, and educational pathways and making their expertise available.
  • Consulting and providing best practices on ways to promote computer science education reform in K-12 and higher education, support strengthening and defining computing education pathways, and reach out to and recruit students.
  • Sharing methods and tools for measuring change and evaluating impact.